Kate Thorvaldsen. Organisator og foredragsholder

Kate Thorvaldsen

Kate Thorvaldsen, foredragsholder, forfatter, kunster og konferansens organisator.  Hun har hatt flere nærkontakter, første gang kun 3 år gammel.

Var med i dokumentaren Budskapet fra stjenene med TV2. Deltatt i en rekke radio show i USA, UK og Skottland.

Den første som er registert med over 25 implantater symetrisk plassert rundt på kroppen.  Boka En hybrids historie er på trappene denne våren. (Vil bli lagt ut for salg i nett butikken som Ebook i løpet av noen uker).


Marc D`Antonio

Marc D`Antonio


Marc D'Antonio has a degree in Astronomy and is the Mutual UFO Network’s (MUFON) Chief Photo/Video Analyst and host of SkyTour Radio on KGRA. He is CEO of FX Models, a model making and visual/special effects company specializing in digital/physical models, and organic special effects in the film industry. He has an extensive work history in the Film and Television arena appearing regularly on a number of networks. His efforts creating UFOTOG2, a remote ufo detection system with Academy Award winner Douglas Trumbull promises to bring ufology into the 21st Century.


Derrel Sims Alien hunter.

Derrel Sims is sick and are on hold for the conferanse right now.

Derrel W. Sims


Derrel W. Sims, CMHt., “the Alien Hunter”, has been at the forefront of alien investigation for more than 35 years. From ages 4 to 17, he experienced numerous conscious contacts with a malignant alien present. Determined to transform his life role from the “hunted” to the “hunter”, he prepared himself mentally, physically, and spiritually to become a warrior for the cause of the alien abductee.

At the heart of Sims’ work is a proactive search for physical evidence and its forensic analysis. A private investigator and former MP, he treats abduction cases like crime scenes. By the early 1980s, he’d begun assembling his groundbreaking collection of alleged alien implants; in 1995, he organized the first public extractions and subsequent analysis of more alleged alien artifacts. Other landmark cases include the 1992 Double Mass Abduction, and his discovery of sub-dermal alien fluorescence.

Trace evidence such as this is currently undergoing DNA testing. Sims’ scientific and academic team of consultants includes 2 Cardio Vascular Surgeons, 4 Md’s, and a criminal forensic scientist from a major university and an ultra-tech specialist, currently conducting a 2-year study on Sims’ implant samples. This work is a culmination of 24 surgeries to date from the 1980s to the latest one, in Flint, Michigan, last month.

Sims’ hundreds of case files give him a unique view of the relationship between alien and prey and he is a sought-after consultant to mental health professionals worldwide. His numerous hypnotherapy certifications include one in hypnotic anesthesiology.

Sims is a popular media guest and draws a crowd all over the globe. He has authored two books, “Alien Hunter: The Evidence in Light” and “Alien Hunter: Evidence and Truth about Alien Implants”.





Kathleen Marden. Søskenbarnet til Barney og Betty Hill.

Kathleen Marden


Kathleen Marden is a leading UFO researcher, author and lecturer. Her educational background in the social sciences has shaped her interest in scientific ufology. She has lectured nationally and internationally and is a frequent guest on radio shows. Her expert testimony has been heard on the History, H2, Discovery, National Geographic and Destination America channels, as well as several news segments and documentaries.

She has been a member of the Mutual UFO Network since 1991, and volunteers as its Director of Experiencer Research. Additionally, she is associated with the Edgar Mitchell Foundation for Research into Extraterrestrial Encounters.

Many know her as the niece of Betty and Barney Hill, whose close encounter and UFO abduction in 1961 stirred worldwide interest. She researched the Hill’s controversial case, leaving no stone unturned, to separate fact from fiction. This led to a new passion for the ufological truth and the publication of her books, with nuclear physicist/scientific ufologist Stanton Friedman, Captured! The Betty and Barney Hill UFO Experience, Science was Wrong, and Fact, Fiction, and Flying Saucers.

She is also coauthor of The Alien Abduction Files, with Denise Stoner. She has expanded her work to include the investigation of contact with non-human entities, the perplexing phenomena related to it, the history of government involvement in the investigation and study of UFOs and the cover up, the commonalities that experiencer’s share, and consciousness studies. You can purchase autographed copies of her books and read about her upcoming conferences at www.kathleen-marden.com.


Erling Strand

Erling Strand


Erling Strand is born in 1955, and he got his M.Sc.EE. degree in 1981 at the Norwegian University of Science and Technology (www.ntnu.edu). Since 1988 he has been working as lecturer, and he is an Assistant Professor at the School of Computer Sciences, Østfold University College (www.hiof.no). He is also one of the founders, and since 1993 the project manager of Project Hessdalen, which main task is to find out more about the mysterious lights in the Hessdalen valley in Norway. (www.hessdalen.org)

His work with the UAP (Unknown Atmospheric Phenomena) in Hessdalen started in 1983, when Project Hessdalen was founded. He had the responsibility of the scientific and technical part of the two field works, which was run in 1984 and 1985. He is the author of the report from the first field work in 1984: «Project Hessdalen 1984 – Final Technical Report» (http://www.hessdalen.org/reports/hpreport84.shtml ). In 1998 a fully automatic measurement station was put in operation in the Hessdalen valley. Since 2002 there has been run Science Camps in the Hessdalen valley, where young students spend one week in the valley, searching for the UAP, equipped with instruments.

Erling Strand has participated in more than hundred TV and radio programs about the subject, and held oral presentations of the results and activities in Project Hessdalen worldwide.

He has also been on expeditions in the USA, Mexico and Australia.




Andrew Johnsen

Andrew Johnson


Andrew Johnson grew up in Yorkshire, England and graduated from Lancaster University in 1986 with a degree in Computer Science and Physics. Up until 2009 he mainly worked in Software Engineering and Software Development. He has also worked full and part time in lecturing and tutoring (in Adult Education). Now he works for the Open University (part time) tutoring computing and technology students, whilst occasionally working freelance on various small software development projects.

He became intensely interested in “alternative knowledge” in 2003, soon after discovering Dr Steven Greer's Disclosure Project. Realising the importance of the available evidence, he started to speak out and in 2006, he set up www.checktheevidence.com where has posted many articles, audio interviews on various topics.




Jennifer Stein

Jennifer Stein


Jennifer is a member of the ICCRA (International Crop circle rJennifer W. Stein is the C0-PRODUCER, WRITER, and director and developer of the newest award winning film about the famous Travis Walton UFO incident form 1975. The film is based on Travis Walton’s book Fire in Sky. The film provides a more accurate accounting of the 1975 events than it’s predecessor the paramount motion picture by the same name released in 1995.

For more information visit TRAVISWALTONTHEMOVIE.COM

Jennifer won two Open Minds’ International UFO Congress EBE film festival awards for the Travis Film in February 2015, launching this film and the 40th anniversary Travis Walton UFO Conference event which took place in Heber November 5, 2015. These prestigious awards also catapulted the film and Jennifer into the UFO conference circuit over the past two years. The film has now won 10 awards film festivals awards around the world and continues to screen at UFO conferences, film festivals, and private screenings. It is currently being considered for sale to an unnamed network.

In 2012 Jennifer and her co Producer Ron James won two Open Minds’ International UFO Congress EBE film festival awards for The Disclosure Dialogues. This documentary film set a unique in that it contains over 20 hours of edited interviews on the UFO topic on 5 DVD’s.

You can read more at Onwinges Producitons.com


or www.Travis WaltonTheMovie.com

Introduction and Bio”

Jennifer holds a B.S. in textiles from the University of Arizona

and is a self-taught entrepreneur, business owner, multi-award winning filmmaker, & activist, who believes film has the power to educate, inspire and empower unlike any other medium. Her film work covers many area of social action, education and advocacy including, deep dialogue peace initiatives, sensible PA gun legislation, ancient history, archaeology, UFOs, crop circles, yoga, meditation, & macrobiotics. Jennifer has been a state section director for MUFON Pa for 17 years, and is the founder of Main line MUFON, - a Philadelphia based MUFON chapter that provides monthly free educational programing thru the public library system on topics pertinent to MUFON and Noetic Sciences. Jennifer hosts her own public access television program in the Philadelphia area called Main Line MUFON. Jennifer has been active behind the scenes helping to direct the development of MUFON Television, with friend and fellow co producer of various film projects, Ron James.

Researchers Association) and has lectured on crop circles in England, Canada, and France. Her research has covers English Canadian and US formations. Her lecture today will focus primarily on historical data from US and Canadian formations detailing what the facts reveal and where the research leads us toward further study. She has appeared on Richard Sayretts Canadian Television specials on Crop Circles, and numerous Internet radio programs in France, England, Canada and the United states. In addition Jennifer lectures on Gobeklie Tepe, and other ancient sites in, Peru, Bolivia, and Easter Island, as result of her role as an occasional research assistant with the late great Zechariah Sitchin.

For additional information:http://traviswaltonthemovie.com




Peter Robbins

Peter Robbins


Peter Robbins is one of America’s most respected UFO investigative writers. He has studied, researched and investigated this subject for more than thirty plus years - as a researcher, investigator, writer, lecturer, activist and author. Peter is a regular guest on US and UK radio shows and has appeared as a guest on and been consultant to numerous television shows and documentaries.

Peter has lectured extensively in the United States, and around the world. He was a member of the Advisory Board of Budd Hopkins’ Intruders Foundation, was Editor-in-Chief of the groundbreaking website, UFOcity.com, Event Coordinator for the SCI FI Channel’s ‘Alien Abduction Phenomenon Symposium’ promoting the miniseries “Taken, ” advisor to the McMinnville Oregon UFO Festival, co-founder of the Exeter New Hampshire UFO Conference, and a former consultant for the City of Roswell, New Mexico, and is a member of the French Académie d'Ufologie.


Travis Walton

November 5, 1975 began as a normal work day for Travis Walton, a twenty-two-year-old logger from Snowflake, Arizona. It ended with him being hit in the chest and knocked unconscious by a bolt of blue light from a fully articulated disk-shaped craft hovering above a clearing in the state’s huge Sitgrave National Forest.

For the next five days Walton was missing and the men he had been working with that day suspected of murdering him, then hiding his body. By the time he was returned, his disappearance had become international news and Travis’s experience becoming one of the best documented and most significant events in the annals of UFO studies. His book, Fire In the Sky, and some years later, the Hollywood film of the same name, bringing his story to an audience of millions. His upcoming talk at the International UFO Conference marks his very first appearance in Norway and should not be missed!